With his almost 4 decades of experience and knowledge gained through all the trainings and programmes, Harish is an accomplished Speaker, Coach, Teacher, Mentor and Trainer. He has the license to conduct programs on:

The Seventeen Principles

What the MIND can Conceive & Be-LIEVE , the mind can Achieve with Positive Mental Attitude

Attitudinal Principles

1. Positive Mental Attitude

2. Definiteness of Purpose

3. Going the Extra Mile

4. Learning from Defeat.

Personal Principles

5. Personal Initiative

6. Enthusiasm

7. Pleasing Personality

8.Self Discipline

9.Budgeting Time & Money

10. Maintaining Sound Physical & Mental Health

Fraternal Principles

11. The Master Mind Alliance

12.Team Work

Intellectual Principles

13. Creative Vision

14. Controlled Attention

15. Accurate Thinking

Spiritual Principles

16. Applied Faith

17. Using the Cosmic Habit Force

  • Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters
  • Think, Learn, Grow & Lead
  • How to CREATE & GROW a Saleable / Profitable Business
  • Mastery of mind, money and success
  • Who you are and WHAT you WANT
  • “How to” become a person of influence
  • Everyone communicates few CONNECT
  • How to be a Real Success
  • Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • Putting Dreams to Test
  • Strategies to create real change and achieve lasting results
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Leadership Skills for the 21st Century
  • Coaching for Success
  • Speak Your Way to Unlimited Wealth
  • Goal Setting for Champions
  • Champion Consultative Sales Skills
  • How to Tell Your Story
  • Build Your Business through Events and Seminars
  • Bringing Out the Millionaire in You
  • Time Management
  • 9 Principles of Greatness
  • Empowerment mentoring